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Unlock Your Membership’s Full Potential

April 1, 2014

Unlock Agent UniverseOne of the phrases members see time and time again is “visit Agent Universe.” That’s our go-to call-to-action for pretty much all of our promotional materials, because Agent Universe is the best place to get the most out of your membership.

Your membership comes with a lot of features and benefits. There are ways to earn more, sell more, market more and learn more. We have air solutions, cruise solutions, technology solutions and marketing solutions. We have live classes and recorded seminars, along with fact sheets and training calendars.

To learn about all of those benefits, members should browse often through the treasure trove of information inside Agent Universe. If, for some reason, you have difficulty navigating the more than 100 pages of information we have inside this exclusive member portal, don’t worry. Simply go to our FAQ page, the one resource you need to answer your questions about all of our industry-leading programs.

CruisePRO, Amenity Departure Dates, GoSiteSee, Engagement, In-Sites, Worldwide Hotel Program, Facebook, VAX VacationAccess, SIRRVA, Preferred Partners, Distinctive Voyages, even Agent Universe itself…the answers to any questions you may have about these programs and more are waiting to be discovered at the FAQ page.

We urge you to use Agent Universe to learn more about the programs you do not know well, or to discover a new profit-driving detail in a program you are familiar with. Simply put, we want you to get the most out of your membership. Agent Universe is there to help you do just that.


The Guru of the Universe

September 6, 2013

Find Your Answers in Agent UniverseIn ancient times, a knowledge seeker was forced to trudge up a steep mountain, overcoming obstacle after obstacle, to reach the guru at the top. Only then could this seeker pose his or her question to the cross-legged gent, who would then provide an answer or a riddle.

Thankfully, these are not ancient times. You, dear Vcom member, have an easier path to information enlightenment: Agent Universe. Yet some think of Agent Universe as an immense maze of amazingness, trepidatious about navigating the more than 100 pages to find the answer they seek.

So where does one go to find all answers? Why, the FAQ page, of course.

Buried deep within the Agent Universe vault of unlimited knowledge, the FAQ page is the one resource you need to answer your questions about all of our industry-leading programs.

CruisePRO, Amenity Departure Dates, GoSiteSee, Engagement, In-Sites, Worldwide Hotel Program, Facebook, VAX VacationAccess, SIRRVA, Suppliers, Distinctive Voyages, even Agent Universe itself…the answers to any questions you may have about these programs and more are waiting to be discovered at the FAQ page.


First of Many

July 10, 2013

Happy BirthdayAgent Universe—your favorite online destination for all things—recently turned one year old! Unlike other one year olds you might know, Agent Universe does not drool and pull your hair. Instead, this members-only Web portal is just getting better and better at giving you unparalleled access to all of our programs and services.

And unlike other birthday parties for one year olds, you don’t have to buy Agent Universe a stacking toy or plastic smartphone. Instead, Agent Universe wants to give you a gift—a $50 Visa gift card! There are two ways to claim your goody bag:

Option 1: Owners/Managers/Main Contacts can update your agency profile (delete all invalid users; add new agent accounts with valid emails). All other users just need to update your profile with a valid email address in Agent Universe by July 31, 2013. Once that’s done, you’ll be entered into a random drawing for one of three $50 Visa gift cards.

Option 2: Answer just a few questions from this short program quiz. Those who submit a quiz with all correct answers will be entered in a random drawing for one of three $50 Visa gift cards.

To increase your chances to win, complete both options! And to increase your chances of getting the most out of’s vast suite of programs, visit Agent Universe daily. Like a fine wine—and George Clooney—it just keeps getting better with age.


Navigating the Past

July 2, 2013


We all know and love’s monthly member newsletter, Navigator. How often do you find yourself waiting anxiously by your mailbox each month to receive your freshly-printed issue, wondering what program insights, supplier news and other valuable information will be inside?

Have you ever wanted to re-read a Navigator article from the past, such as March 2012’s “Why Targeting Matters,” April’s insightful expose on “Motivating Your Agents to Sell Preferred Suppliers” or, how can we forget, the six-part Business Boost series that ran from January through June last year?

Great news! Many issues of Navigator, starting with January 2012, are currently housed in Agent Universe. With a few clicks of that magical mouse, you can instantly download an issue to read again, or you can save it to your computer to email to others. Simply go to Agent Universe and you’ll find back issues of the Navigator under Resources/ Resources.


Email Enlightenment

October 25, 2012

Email Best Practices HandbookAn email address has become more than just a tool to correspond with friends. It’s now a vital cog of the internet machine, a virtual social security number that users type daily to identify themselves and log into their favorite sites.

Email addresses have also become a fundamental part of marketing. Collecting them is not as much fun as collecting stamps or My Little Pony figures, but it’s something all businesses must do in order to thrive in today’s cyber-entrenched world.

So, what is the best way for your agency to collect email addresses, which you’d then send amazing Preferred Supplier offers to through Engagement and sell so many vacations that you can comfortably retire in Hawaii? Great question!

Luckily for members, we just updated our email best practices handbook, which is poetically titled “Growing, Managing and Updating Your Client Email List.”

Think of this free member benefit as your email bible that will lead you on a spiritual journey to list management nirvana. It’s loaded with current industry best practices in the most critical areas of email marketing—improvements you can start implementing today to bring more business in the door.

It also comes with a useful email dictionary, the latest CAN-SPAM legislation, email design tips and the “Top Ten Things to Do Now,” which oddly enough does not include eating all of the Halloween candy you just bought.

This guide, along with more enlightening resources, can be found in Agent Universe in the Training & Events section, or by clicking here.


You’ll Heart Quick Links

July 11, 2012

One of the beauties of Agent Universe, our sleek and stylish new member portal, is how easy it is to find what you need. All of the sections have been reorganized, so you can find information on whatever profit-producing program you’re looking for in under two seconds flat.

But what about those of you who don’t have two seconds to waste? Agent Universe has you covered too, thanks to the handy-dandy Quick Links section that appears on the right-hand side on nearly every page.

The Quick Links section is customizable, so you can personally choose which seven links appear. In order to manage those links, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on “Manage Quick Links,” which you’ll find at the bottom of your Quick Links section.
  • Once the new window opens, click on Link Order.
  • In the new box that opens, choose Quick Links under “Select Category.”
  • A list of all available Quick Links will appear. Choose the ones you want and use the directional keys on the right to move them to the top.
  • Once your preferred links are occupying the top seven spots, click on Save, then Exit.

Voila! Your Quick Links section is now exactly how you want it to be! We advise you to visit Agent Universe today to customize your Quick Links. And don’t forget to choose the Blog as one of your most cherished links!



July 5, 2012 Members Drop Some always had an online forum for members to connect and share their worldly knowledge, but it was buried in the vast catacombs of AgentNet. No more!

During the latest big bang, which created the ever-expanding Agent Universe, we moved the Community to Facebook. Why Facebook, you ask? It’s easy to join and navigate, it’s a tool most members use daily, and it has perfected the art of online conversations.

The Community page—unlike’s Facebook business page—is private, so only members are allowed to join, post and comment. Open for less than a month, it’s already a popular attraction where members go to interact and answer each other’s questions.

What questions, you question? At the Community, the following travel knots have been untangled: Does anyone have suggestions for a destination wedding in Key West? Can anyone recommend an upscale property on Aruba or Grand Cayman that is great for multi-generational families? What’s your opinion about the Barcelo Bavaro Palace in Punta Cana?

Lend your voice to the Community! The more members who get involved, the stronger the Community will be! To join, click on the Vcom Community link under Resources in Agent Universe today.


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