It Pays to Turn a B.A.D. Agency Good

Friends, there is a serious epidemic sweeping our industry. Some travel agencies are lost in a sea of hopelessness, adrift upon a raft of anemic commissions, tossed about by waves of aimless marketing, sinking in a swamp of lackluster cruise programs.

They suffer from B.A.D.—Big Advantage Deficiency—a professionally-debilitating disease that troubles those travel agencies that are not members and thus do not receive the big advantage our fortunate members do.

Thankfully you can help B.A.D. agencies through our Member Referral Incentive Program. For every afflicted agency you save—for those you help us recruit—we’ll reward you with up to $450 in cash! 

Once you’ve convinced a B.A.D. agency that they need the type of help only North America’s leading travel services marketing organization can provide, fill out this online form.

If your referral becomes a member, you will receive a signing bonus within 30 days and a performance-based bonus after the new member’s one year calendar mark.

These agencies need your help! Your wallet needs $450 bucks!

For more information on the Member Referral Incentive Program, or to receive marketing materials to support your recruitment efforts, contact Inside Sales at 800.848.8756.