Be There for Your Clients with GoSiteSee GoSiteSee GuidesAs a travel agent, you are there for your clients before, during and after their journey. Before they depart, you make their reservations, book their tickets and supply wonderful advice. After their journey, you touch back with them to answer questions and set the foundation for future bookings. But what about during?

Sure, during their vacation, you’re standing by, ready to assist them if they need your help. But that’s a passive form of service. Wouldn’t you rather be with them at their destination, actively guiding them to the sites and offering great suggestions on restaurants and shopping? With GoSiteSee, you can!

GoSiteSee mobile city guides for smartphones and tablets are packed with attraction details, restaurant reviews, personalized itineraries, interactive maps and more—and they’re branded with your agency! And best of all, GoSiteSee’s easy-to-send, easy-to-use guides are now available for 122 popular cruise and tour cities in 34 countries!

That’s right—we recently added 86 new destinations, including Auckland, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Frankfurt, Galway, Los Angeles, Lyon, Melbourne, Playa Del Carmen, Quebec and York, just to name a few.

Be there for your clients wherever they go with GoSiteSee! Click here to learn more.

Give Site to the Siteless

Mobile Travel GuidesGoSiteSee is much more than just an exclusive, portable city guide packed with attraction details, restaurant hours, personalized trip itineraries, offline maps and navigation.

It’s a beacon in the night, leading lost and weary travelers back to their hotel.

It’s a virtual megaphone, giving your clients the ability to shout about their amazing vacation on Facebook and other sites.

It’s a cultural attache, telling your clients what time the museums open.

It’s a highly-tuned croissant finder, providing easy-to-follow directions to the closest bakery when it’s time for lunch.

It’s a genius, literally. The guide’s Trip Genius feature will automatically plan an itinerary for your clients based on a few parameters.

It’s an all-day tool, avoiding cellphone charges by working flawlessly offline.

It’s a travel whisperer, telling your clients about the attractions you think they’d like best.

It’s a conjuror and a critic, magically showing your clients what’s on the menu of all the restaurants in their vicinity, and then sharing reviews of other travelers.

It’s a billboard with your agency’s name branded on it at all times, reminding travelers who to thank for this miraculous device.

It’s available in both Apple’s App Store for iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch, and the Google Play store for Android devices.

It’s exclusively for members. Learn more about this impressive member benefit at the GoSiteSee page on Agent Universe.

GoSiteSee What All the Fuss is About

GoSiteSee Makes Traveling EasyWe’ve got good news and bad news. The good news:’s latest member benefit—the GoSiteSee mobile app that is now available in both Apple’s App Store for iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch, and the Google Play store for Android devices—is seriously cool!

These exclusive, portable city guides are packed with attractions, restaurant and shopping details, personalized trip itineraries, offline maps and navigation, augmented reality and so much more.

Using one is like having a personal trip computer in the palm of your hands. Let’s say you’re standing outside the Colosseum and realize how incredibly hungry you are. Whip our your GoSiteSee guide for Rome and you can easily find nearby restaurants, check out their menus, read reviews and get directions—all without using Wi-Fi or data.

Now for the bad news: they’re not for you. They’re for your clients!

GoSiteSee mobile guides—available for more than 30 popular cruise port and tour cities around the globe—are sent by you through the GoSiteSee administration site (accessible through Agent Universe) to your clients, so that they can use this awesome tool to successfully navigate their destination.

And  they’ll think of your agency every time they use it since GoSiteSee city guides you send will be thoroughly branded with your agency’s logo and contact info.

The login and password to access your GoSiteSee administration site should have already been emailed to you. If not, Vcom members should contact Member Services at 1-800-843-0733 or

To launch your admin page, or to simply learn more about this impressive new member benefit, visit the GoSiteSee page on Agent Universe.

We’re All Winners

Best Travel ProgramsWe work tirelessly to create innovative programs that help you, our wonderful members, succeed. Often you email or call us to say, “Thanks – that program is fantastic,” which is music to our ears. But do you ever show your thanks by giving us giant gold trophies? No, you don’t (and we honestly don’t expect you to), but others do.

We are proud to announce that has just been honored with five 2012 Magellan Awards—four of which are giant gold trophies—from Travel Weekly. Awarded programs include our Conference website and “We Deliver” video, along with our GoSiteSee mobile app, In-Sites, and for the fourth year in a row, Engagement.

The Magellan Awards include entries from top travel organizations worldwide and are judged by a panel of travel professionals, including Bob Dickinson, former President and CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines; Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor of The Early Show; and Patricia Schultz, Author of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die; among others. is not the only one celebrating this week. Our proud parent company, Travel Leaders Group, collected 29 total Magellan awards between its organizations, which is a whopping 14 more than they did last year!

We don’t need giant gold trophies to validate our programs. All we need are happy members who find success when using our many benefits and services. When you use the programs we create to profitably sell Preferred Suppliers, we’re all winners.

Go Get GoSiteSee

When you book your favorite clients on an incredible journey, don’t you want to go with them to point out the sites, help them navigate the city and suggest the best restaurants? Well, now you can, thanks to’s brand new GoSiteSee guides.

Announced this week at Conference, GoSiteSee mobile city guides for smartphones and tablets are packed with attractions, restaurant and shopping details, personalized trip itineraries, offline maps and navigation, augmented reality and trip sharing.

And the best part—the guides are branded with your agency’s logo and contact info, so your client always knows who to thank for this incredible, mobile pocket guide.

Currently you can send your clients GoSiteSee guides to dozens of cities, including Barcelona, Florence, Istanbul, Paris, New York, Washington DC, Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and many others, with more destinations arriving soon.

You can discover more—and register for this amazing benefit—here.